MYOB EXO Interface - Overview

The MYOB EXO Business interface is considered to be intuitive and flexible.

This page is a sampling of information to give you basic concepts. This is by no means a complete list providing as such is beyond the scope of a document such as this one.

Further information can be viewed in the MYOB EXO Education Centre.

Searching Searching Records

Searching is a breeze as the system searches multiple fields to find what you are looking for. e.g You don't need to know and accounts key filed to be able to key a transaction, you can simply search by description, name, barcode etc.  If you want to add a filed to the list of places the system searches, then you can using a profile setting.

When keying transactions, if the search returns only one row then it is automatically selected.  

Searching Records 6 min 46 sec
Learn how to search for records in EXO Business interfaces. 

Grid Interfaces Grid Interfaces

Most grids in MYOB EXO are referred to as ExoGrids. These allow setting of column widths, hiding columns, sorting columns, copy to clipboard, and in some cases paste from clipboard. They are the most common element in EXO screens.

Grid Interfaces 7 min 06 sec
Learn about the grid interfaces (ExoGrids) that are available on many EXO Business screens. 

Dashboards  Dashboards

Dashboards are a screen area where you can add one or more reporting widgets. These widgets can be tiled. Dashboards can often have a tabbed page layout enabling you to have multiple widgets within the same dashboard even if they don't comfortably fit within one tiled screen.

There are 5 types of widget.

  • Grid: This is a simple tabular presentation of a custom query. A column can be designated to drill to one of the screens in EXO e.g drill to customer or product definition. e.g. Customer Sales History.
  • Pivot table: This is a graphical widget. You can drill down to see the data from which the pivot graph was derived. e.g This months opportunities by stage.
  • Clarity Report: Clarity is the inbuilt report designer.  A report which returns a small amount of visible data  can be paced in the dashboard. e.g. Jobs nearing Completion.
  • URL: Include a web page from any site. e.g current exchange rates at bank site.
  • Checklist: A user defined list of items or actions to be ticked off. e.g. End of Period / Year procedures.
  • Form Widget:  There are some hard-coded widgets provided. e.g a LinkedIn viewer.

Dashboard Interfaces 4 min 45 sec
Learn about the customisable dashboard interfaces that are available in EXO Business modules. 

Setting up Dashboards 4 min 45 sec  
Learn how to create widgets and add them to dashboard interfaces.

 Setting up Checklists 5 min 23 sec  
Learn how to set up Checklist widgets for dashboard interfaces.


Menus Menus

There are two forms of main system menu being the traditional drop down menu and a graphical (or process flow) menu. Both are configurable through the system.

Setting up Menus 6 min 21 sec
Learn how to set up dropdown menus. 

Business Flow Menus 11 min 24 sec  
Learn how to create and edit graphical Business Flow Menus.

Extra Fields Extra Fields

Extra fields allow you to add extra attributes to some (but not all) tables in the system. These can be of types:

  • Standard Edit: Alphanumeric edit.
  • Checkbox: True / False
  • Drop Down Selection, Drop Down Edit, or Drop Down SQL Selection: Looks up another table.
  • URL or Shortcut: Editable link.
  • URL Label: Non editable link.
  • Date Picker: For a date field.
  • Protected edit: Requires a password to see / change content.
  • Password Edit: Does echo secret.

Using Extra Fields 7 min 36 sec
Learn how to extend the EXO Business system with Extra Fields. 

 The URL Protocol The EXO URL Protocol

A number of screens in EXO can be called from an internal or external source by use of an exo:// URL. e.g you could call a screen from a Clarity report, a Grid Widgit, or even your own custom web page.

The EXO URL Protocol 6 min 27 sec
Learn how to create EXO URLs to link to EXO Business records from anywhere.   

The EXO Education Centre The EXO Education Centre

The MYOB EXO Busness Education centre is a web space maintaind by MYOB. It contains:

  • The on-line help files for the EXO modules. EXO applications link to these is a context sensitive manner.
  • The release notes for EXO
  • The user guides for EXO
  • Various white papers
  • Videos, like the ones we link to on these pages
  • Database schema. This is particularly useful when creating Clarity Reports or Dashboard Widgets.

The EXO Education Centre 1 min 50 sec
Learn what's available in the EXO Business Education Centre.. 








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