MYOB EXO CRM - Overview

MYOB EXO Business CRM manages all prospect and customer information derived from activities, tasks, emails, quotes and sales, in one centralised system, then allows you to use this information to build your business.

EXO CRM adds some features that are not present in the MYOB EXO Finance module such as Contact Lists, Opportunity & Sales Pipeline Management, and Marketing Campaigns.

Introduction to CRM 6 min 41 sec  LThis short overview gives an introduction to the features available in the MYOB EXO CRM module. 

 Contact Lists

Using the EXO CRM module, staff can create and maintain “lists” of contacts and use these to create bulk activities or communications such as reoccurring call programs for overdue debtors. 

Contact Lists 6 min 39 sec
Learn how to set up dynamic lists of Contacts for use in EXO CRM. 


Capture the details of sales opportunities, including key contacts, the source and value of the lead, the anticipated close date and probability of the sale with EXO CRM.

Using the EXO Job Costing module, once a sale has been confirmed, users can easily convert the opportunity to an order or job that can then be processed through to invoice within the EXO suite. This seamless process eliminates duplication and saves time on re-keying data resulting in faster, more accurate invoicing. 

Opportunities 8 min 37 sec
Learn about the Opportunity records that are available in EXO CRM. 


Users can manage their marketing campaigns from end to end including tracking campaign costs and ROI. Set up campaign waves, import data lists, and generate and send communications through multiple channels. The ROI can be tracked either using standard estimated cost tracking within EXO CRM, or by actual detailed costings by integrating with the EXO Job Costing module. 

Campaigns 6 min 02 sec  
Learn how to set up and run a marketing campaign in EXO CRM

 Sales Budgets

Sales performance tracking against budget is easy with EXO CRM. Slice and dice data to fully understand what’s affecting your results. You can also utilise historical sales data to set realistic achievable budgets.

 Social CRM capability

Organisations can leverage the power of social media sites via the campaign management functionality for competitive advantage.

Track brand names and user and company mentions through EXO CRM and display these on dashboards in EXO Business using the social media widgets. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedInaccounts may be set up for marketing campaigns in EXO CRM, and the campaign message can be viewed and posted to these social media networks to extend campaign reach.

Social CRM capabilities deliver a true 360-degree view of customers and prospects while enabling you to better engage with key stakeholders.

  Non-Accounts (Prospects)

Accounts which not yet financial trading partners such as prospects and other organisations that you don't (yet) have a financial relationship with can be defined in the Non-Accounts register, for example prospects. If you subsequently start trading with this company then a one button click converts the account to a debtor or creditor. Non-Accounts can also be used in the separate CRM module to record opportunities (quotes).

Managing Non-Accounts 5 min 57 sec
Learn how Non-Accounts (prospects) accounts are set up and managed in the EXO Business system. 


A comprehensive contacts register is available and this interfaces to debtors, creditors and non-accounts (collectively referred to as companies). An individual contact can be linked to as many companies as you wish. Contacts can also link with social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). 

Contacts in EXO Finance provide a basic CRM capability but this can be enhanced through the optional CRM module. 

Managing Contacts 6 min 46 sec
Learn how to set up and manage Contact records. 

 Activities (Appointments or Tasks)

Tasks and appointments (calendar) link with contacts and companies (debtors, creditors, & non-accounts).  Optionally transactions in debtors and creditors can be linked to a contact and shown within the contact. screen. Activities can also be linked to sales orders and jobs.

The My Day tool in EXO CRM helps you plan your daily activities including tasks and opportunities, pipeline, orders and sales performance. With everything visible on a single screen your day becomes easierto manage.

Managing Activities 7 min 28 sec
Learn how to create and view Activities (tasks or appointments). 


 Reporting (Clarity, Dashboards)

The heart of reporting in EXO is the Clarity reporting engine.  MYOB provides an extensive library of Clarity reports and business forms constructed using the WYSIWIG report designer that is included. Users will usually want to customise some of these or even write additional reports.  Your MYOB EXO business partner (Speciffix) can either assist or make these changes for you. Clarity can print, preview, or even export the report in a number of different file formats. Typically the report (or business form) can be produced in PDF format for attachment to an email. EXO assists this email process by optionally (per report or form) automatically creating the email with attachment.

Generic report writers such as Clarity are often not well suited to producing G/L reports so EXO includes a special General Ledger Report Writer.  The usual compliance reports are installed automatically during implementation but can be customised or additional reports created.

EXO also supports the dashboard concept in several places where you can add widgets from the standard library or create your own. A management dashboard is presented in the Analytics tool. Dashboard widgets can also be added to a tab in the debtors, creditors and stock screens. When added to these screens the widgets are account/stock item aware. Widgets can be small Clarity reports, grid widgets or pivot tables. A collection of hard coded Forms widgets is also included in the widget library to accommodate some more complex common requirements.

Dashboard Interfaces 4 min 45 sec
Learn about the customisable dashboard interfaces that are available in EXO Business.

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