MYOB EXO Version MYOB EXO Business - News and Annual Licence Fee increase notice (December 2018)


As 2018 draws to a close, MYOB has notified us of their planned ALF price increase and also published a summary of EXO enhancements from 2018 and a preview of what’s coming in 2019 – see below.

What MYOB Exo Business has we delivered over the past twelve months?

  • Improved system usability including a new Memo type for Extra fields, and improved captioning for Custom Buttons, easier Tax Return Key Point Selection and better handling of unallocated credits in the Creditors Payment Processor.
  • Enhanced reporting functionality, to give you the data you need when you need it.
  • Redeveloped the Stock Movement feature, providing you with the ability to import stock movements into the system in bulk to improve the experience and allow much more flexibility.
  • Added advanced data encryption, which better protects sensitive data where databases may not be contained in clients on-premise secure environment.
  • Added the ability to send emails from activities, a configurable dashboard tab for Serviceable Units and workflow improvements to the bank reconciliation process.
  • Updated the underlying database technology including support for the latest database connectors and the removal of references to any remaining older techniques that may be unsupported in the future. This has improved performance and removed reliance on any older technologies, setting Exo Business up well for the future in terms of the evolution of database platforms.
  • A vast number of significant enhancements and updates have been delivered over the past 12 months to give you the best usability experience and valuable tools to conduct your business.

For a full list of changes, view release notes and release videos please visit: 

Note that Exo version 2018.5 was released 18/12/2018. This was a maintenance release that addresses a number of popular issues. If you wish to upgrade to this version in the new year then please contact us to schedule.


For historical version summaries please visit: 

What’s coming to MYOB Exo over the next 12 months?

  • Upgrading of all toolsets to enable us to deliver tight integration with Microsoft’s products
  • Bank feed enhancements – including splitting a single bank-feed transaction into multiple transactions
  • Improvements in recurring General Ledger transactions
  • Enhancements to GL Posting Automation including improved handling for GL Auto reversals
  • Enriched Creditor Payment Processor which will better support payment via BPay
  • Continued developments to foreign currency

MYOB will increase Annual Licence fees from March 2019

Following their annual review, MYOB will increase the Annual Licence Fee (ALF) in both AU & NZ.

This applies to all modules in the MYOB Exo product suite.

The ALF allows clients to continue to use MYOB Exo Business software and documentation and is due before the annual anniversary of the Start Date (date of first use of the product).

From 1st March 2019, MYOB is increasing ALF by 3%, in recognition of the additional value provided to clients in 2018.

There will be no increase in initial licence prices in NZ in 2019.

The initial licence fee is the one-time pricing applicable to adding extra concurrent seats and/or seats for modules not yet purchased by the MYOB client.


MYOB EXO Version MYOB EXO Version 2017.3 now released

This MYOB EXO Business release continues the improvements started in release 2017.2 

As usual, there are also various improvements to other areas of the product. A bullet list of changes in this version appears below. 

MYOB have also produced a short video (4:47 minutes) summarising the changes delivered in all 3 2017.x releases this year.

  • Financial Assets module. This now supports:
    • Activities (Tasks and Appointments). The Asset screen now has an Activities tab and the Activities screen now has an Asset field. 
    • Multiple G/L Account groups for General Ledger account defaults to apply to Asset and Depreciation G/L Accounts. Previously G/L Accounts from only one G/L Account Group could be used. 
  • Purchase Orders
    • When creating Purchase Orders from Sales Orders it is now possible to select alterative supplier for each product via a right click grid function to open an alternate suppliers window for the stock item. The alternate suppliers details and costings will be applied.
    • Multiple stock items can now be selected in the stock search screen to add multiple lines to a purchased order. This also works if using the Style Picker (colour/size array).
    • Lead times can now optionally be specified for each supplier of a given item in the Supplier Stock Items screen.  This means that due dates on individual PO lines can now be calculated for the supplier/item.
    • Multiple stock items can now be selected in the stock search screen to add multiple lines to a purchased order. This also works if using the Style Picker (colour/size array).
  • Creditors
    • The default creditor invoice mode (Stock or GL) when creating a new creditor is now specified by a new profile setting.
    • When Creditors Payment Processor encounters a creditor with a missing bank account number then a popup will now indicate the problem/account and request a bank account number.
    • The default email address for emailing remittance advices is now determined by a database stored procedure. This enables you EXO consultant to customise and special rules you may have for determining the recipient. The existing default hierarchy still applies unless customised (e.g. find a valid email address from Remittance Contact then Primary Contact else Creditor Account).
    • Remittance Mailshots can now be deferred. The Payment Processor screen now has a new toolbar button Print/Email Mail Shots which enables recall of a previously created creditors payment batch. The payment run can therefore now be completes (internally) and the remittance advices sent to creditors at a later time.
  • Other improvements
    • The main forms (menu forms) of all applications can now have their screen positions saved. The layout of the Menu Favourites pane is also saved.
    • There is now a client upgrade installer [ExoClientInstall.exe] that can be used on pre-existing installations.  This asks fewer questions as takes the defaults from the existing installation.  If you are installing EXEs and perhaps Clarity files on individual workstations (as opposed to running them from server) then it also makes it easier to upgrade each workstation.
    • The labels on Extra Fields now default to Title Case instead of Sentence case.
    • The copy (clone) function for Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Debtor Invoices and Jobs can now copy Extra Fields (optional in setup). Previously this was only available for  Assets, Opportunities and Opportunity Quotes.
  • Upgrades / Licencing
    • There is now a client upgrade installer [ExoClientInstall.exe] that can be used on pre-existing installations.  This asks fewer questions as takes the defaults from the existing installation.  If you are installing EXEs and perhaps Clarity files on individual workstations (as opposed to running them from server) then it also makes it easier to upgrade each workstation.
    • When new licence codes are issued by MYOB to a client these are emailed.  This email can now be dragged and dropped onto the Help About screen or licence grid in Exocfg to automatically install these codes. This saves manually keying the codes.
  • Resolved issues
    • If you are an existing EXO user then please check the release notes for issues resolved in this version.


MYOB EXO Version MYOB EXO Version 2017.1 now released

 The major changes include improvements to Menus and Clarity Reporting.  Some other popular requests have also been added.


  • New Menu Favourites feature – view the video
  • Clarity improvements:
    • New Table Grid – similar to tables in MS Word
    • New Google Map - embed a map on your report or form
    • Report Designer Detail tab (WYSIWIG) now has zoom slider to assist more accurate positioning of components
    • New Design Layers – each layer can have its own components e.g. background images etc.
    • The Preview tab now has Page Thumbnails improving navigation e.g. jump straight to a particular page
    • Clarity On-line Help has been completely re-written to make finding things easier
    • Checkbox components can now be checked, unchecked or (new) greyed-out
    • New Hyperlink Component for opening images stored elsewhere
    • Rich Text component now support bullet/numbered lists
    • Text can now be aligned vertically with new toolbar buttons for Top, Middle or Bottom
    • Report timing can now be specified for Variables
    • New event for report band OnCreateDrawCommand enabling additional draw commands for embedded components
  • Other improvements
    • More company colours (to differentiate separate databases)
    • User level security (access) for  Job Cost for write offs
    • ABN verification now optional per Debtor/Creditor
    • SQL Widgets can now access GL Account number
    • Stop Credit control now available on Debtor receipts and in Integrated Cashbook
    • MYOB Cloud services (e.g. Bankfeeds, GeoLocation) now show a status icon in status bar
    • Contact grids now show company type as a description (not just a number)
    • Opportunity Seqno is now available in various Opportunity grids
    • Creditors Payment Processor now defaults to Direct Credit instead of Cheque
    • Extra Fields no longer enforce sentence case (user control of upper case)
    • General Ledger Accounts now support the EXO document manager (attach documents)
    • GeoLocation service now uses Google Maps rather than Microsoft Maps

MYOB EXO Version  MYOB EXO Business version 2016.2 is now available.
This is more than a maintenance release so there is likely to be something in this release for almost everyone. 

One of the primary aims of each release in 2016 is to attract users on older versions to bring their EXO Business systems up to date, so that they can take advantage of MYOB cloud platform services such as MYOB Bank Feeds , EXO OnTheGo and MYOB tax portals.  These developments offer high value and allow businesses to retain the  convenience of self administered (local, fully hosted or hybrid) databases and also leverage cloud services as they continue to come on line.

The purchase order entry screen has significant improvements in this version

This release also addresses a record number of items most requested by users and implementers of the EXO Business system.

MYOB Advanced Business

Both John and Roger are now Certified MYOB Advanced Business Implementers.

We have completed the lengthy process of the pre-training study and exam, 5 days of classroom training and the final exam. A pass rate of 90% is required to achieve certification and the process consumed around 80 – 100 hours of study.

Consequently Speciffix Solutions / Ashby Services are now ready and able to sell, implement and support the latest Cloud based solution offered by MYOB and already have our first implementation under way.

Our web presence has been expanded to include this product.
To find out more about Advanced – Click Here.

For further information on what MYOB Advanced Business can do for you please contact us. 


MYOB EXO VersionThe EXO 2015.5 release includes a range of general improvements across the EXO Business system.

Search templates can now be defined for General Ledger accounts and used on GL account search windows throughout the system. Search Templates are also now available for the Companies search screen in EXO CRM.

The Bank Feeds feature introduced in 2015.4 has been enhanced and extended by incorporating the Bank Reconciliation process—transaction matches made with Bank Feeds now form the direct basis of an automated bank reconciliation. The Bank Feed rules programmability has also been extended to allow SQL functions. This makes this version a must have version for Bank Feeds users.

Other changes to the system include new logic for Business Alerts as a prelude to further upcoming enhancements and expansion of this feature in 2016; the completion of document management functionality to the purchasing process, with a Documents tab on the Inwards Goods Receipt and Inwards Goods Costing windows; and some ongoing improvements to the EXO Job Costing module workflows. 

Also included are a number of resolutions to prioritised partner requests.  EXO Business 2015.5 is tested with Windows 10 and with Office 2016 - some changes were required to support Office 2016 (mainly Outlook 2016) which suggest that with previous versions of EXO Business you may encounter issues on Outlook 2016. 


Roger Bray and John Fothergill join forces

Roger Bray and John Fothergill have joined forces to provide comprehensive implementation, support and customisation services for MYOB EXO Business.